Warning! The Batch Submit Tab must be used with extreme care! Always make absolutely sure the data being submitted are actual spammers!!

The Batch Submit tab is a very fast and powerful tool! But it takes a little preparation before using it. The first thing you need to do before even opening FSLC is to grab a database dump of the spammers you want to submit. The export must be a CSV file in one of the following formats. "IP TAB DateTime TAB Email TAB UserName" "UserName;Email;IP" "Username;Email;IP;Body"

Once you have the CSV file saved to your hard drive, open Forum Spam List Checker, choose your format, click "Load List", select the CSV file and watch FSLC do its thing. Note: If you have a small list, you most likely will not get to see it being parsed.

Click your mouse over the red highlighted areas below for more info.

fslcsubmit Spammers to submit Load list Services to submit to Submit/Pause/Continue/Cancel submit Spammers submitted Spammers submitted Spammers skipped Spammers skipped num1

This is the list of spammers to submit. If there are links to submit, double click the spammer to view the URLs to submit.


Select your list to load.


You can submit to Stop Forum Spam and/or BotScout. Note: FSLC will pause every 200 submissions to prevent hammering BotScouts server. Also, Evidence is not submitted to BotScout.


Submit/Pause/Continue/Cancel submit


This area will show the number of good submissions


These are the submissions that were skipped for one reason or another. More information can be seen by clicking on the Logs Tab.

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