The Options Tab is pretty straight forward. The most important thing is the "required" api keys.
BotScout == Required to make more than 20 queries a day and to submit data.
Stop Forum Spam == Required to Submit, but not to search.
FSpamlist == API keys have a 5,000 query limit. (get one)
Project Honey Pot == You should already have an api key.
IPInfoDB == Required if you want the country data.

Click your mouse over the red highlighted areas below for more info.

fslcoptios Get API key Services to query Keep FSLC on top of other windows Auto save searches

Clicking the key icons will open up your browser with a page to get an api key.

Select all the services you would like FSLC to query

Checking this will keep FSLC on top of all other windows and is very handy while checking for spammers.

This will save manual searches in a file called history.tsv which can be viewed with a text editor like Notepad++.

Forum Spam List Checker


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