Although Forum Spam List Checker is a very easy to use tool, it also has many subtle and sometimes hidden features that make it even more useful.

On the Info Tab you can do single searches using one or any combination of all 3 pieces of data. The Spammer IP, Spammer Name or Spammer Email. If your search provides a positive hit, as seen below, you can then submit the data to Stop Forum Spam and BotScout anti-spam databases. Both databases require an api key in order to submit data. The Options Tab page has more info on acquiring api keys.

Click your mouse over the red highlighted areas below for more info.

fslcinfo My IP Search with above info Clear all Info Evidence presets Evidence to submit Submit spammer to selected services More info More info My spammers More info num1

By clicking the network icon, FSLC will pre fill the IP field with your IP address. This is good for testing to see if your IP has been bad!


Clicking the search button will search all services selected in options. You must enter at least 1 piece of info, it could be IP, Name, or Email. Of course you can search for all three.


Clicking the clear button will clear all info on the info tab


This this the evidence boilerplate. It contains predefined spammer titles that will be added to the evidence field.


This is the evidence field, you can add all the urls/image links, text, signatures etc... that the spammer used. This info will be submitted to Stop Forum Spam but NOT BotScout.


Select which service to submit spammer info to - Stop Forum Spam, BotScout or both. All fields are required to submit (IP, Name, Email). The evidence field is optional.


These icons will show if any values are more than zero. Click to get more info on spammer.


Clicking this will open your "My Spammers" page on Stop Forum Spam.


This will open and show more info on the IP entered.

Forum Spam List Checker


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