There are people that take pleasure out of spamming Messages Boards, Guest Books, Blogs etc.... Website owners are in a war to stop these scum bags from stealing bandwidth, posting scams, viruses, and other nasty garbage. In may cases, it is a war fraught with frustration. Until now...

Forum Spam List Checker is the Big Gun of choice for seeking out and destroying spammers. Even though it has "Forum" in the name, it can be used on any website that allows posting messages/comments, links or has members.

FSLC is a very powerful tool, but, it was designed with a shallow learning curve, which makes it a perfect fit for everyone from the new website owner to the seasoned veteran.  Even though FSLC is rather easy to use, you may still have questions or maybe would like to know about the "hidden" features.  So, we have broken down each "Tab" into it's own page. You can use the links on the right for more information.

Forum Spam List Checker


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