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Below you will find all the software I have written. Everything is written in small fast assembler and is portable.

Crypto Mining

Instructions for DIY XYO BridgeX. Invitation codes and links for XYO COIN, Bee Network, Cheatmoon, CoinX, Eagle Miner, Pi.

DIY XYO Bridge Invite Codes

Forum Spam List Checker - 3.2.6

Check user info to see if they are a forum spammer/bot and optionally submit data to Stop Forum Spam and BotScout.

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Gunners File Type Editor -

Edit various properties for Windows file extensions.

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MASM Error Lookup Tool - 3.0

View error descriptions for Microsoft Assembler tools.

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Windows Error Lookup Tool - 3.0.7

Displays more meaningful descriptions for Windows errors.

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IE Zone Editor - 6.11.10

Create and modify Internet Explroer security zones.

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Obfuscated Email Link Creator - 1.0.4

Munge your email address.

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Check which Shell Restriction are in effect - Assembler source included.

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Unicode String Var Creator

Create Unicode strings for .data section in MASM - Assembler source included.

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